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Adopt a BLM Mustang Mare - Honey!

7 years old | BLM Mustang Mare

Meet Honey!

Training Level: Saddle

Adoption Fee: $1000

Honey is an 7 year old BLM Mustang mare from Antelope Valley, NV HMA. She was a transfer from a rescue where she got pregnant at a foster home. She was part of a group of several horses there that needed to be removed. She was halter broke when we got her but very pushy with several bad habits. We have had care over her since spring, 2022 and foaled her out in September, 2022 at which point her and her foal (Haven) officially became ours. We have seen her through the entire foaling process, weaned her foal, and taught her better handling skills. Since being weaned from her foal we have worked on manners, standing for her feet to be trimmed, standing tied, basic ground work, obstacles, and wearing a saddle. She is a bit long backed and has needed some body work and may need some continued supportive care if she is going to be ridden.

Honey has come to love attention and will come greet you at the gate! She would make a great project for someone wanting to start a horse under saddle. She would also be a great companion horse for you or another horse. She enjoys younger horses and gets along well in a herd setting.

If you're interested in adopting Honey, please fill out our Adoption Application.

If you have further questions, please get in touch with us.


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