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We are committed to improving the lives of equines and humans through rehabilitative care and education, grounded in compassion and expertise.

We offer equines in transition a second chance by providing superior training and dedicated rehoming services.

We provide compassionate rehabilitative care, re-starting, and rehoming services for equines in transition.


A world where equines are treated with respect and compassion and those requiring rehabilitative care are endowed with the resources and care needed to lead healthy, safe, and full lives.


About US

Wild Hearts Haven is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, which prides itself in providing compassionate rehabilitative care, re-starting, and rehoming services to equines in transition.


The program was founded by Bree Thompson and Taryn Hillman, who share a passion for helping unwanted and troubled horses, in need of a safe haven, by granting them an opportunity to restart their lives. Many of these horses are Mustangs, who have been mishandled and suffered trauma, and require immersion in a peaceful new environment, with skilled caretakers and trainers, which empowers them to recover and gradually trust people.


Wild Hearts Haven proudly serves all types of horses, irrespective of breed or background, who need to find a new home. We focus on rehabbing, retraining, and rehoming; providing both the customized physical and mental care needed for each specific horse to recover and ultimately thrive. Wild Hearts Haven’s first horse was foaled from a pregnant BLM mare who was transferred to us from another organization. The mare had “unintentionally” become pregnant, was skinny, and needed extra care to keep the foal viable. We gladly agreed to provide the mare with a safe “haven.”


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