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Adopt a Tennesee Walker Mare - Marsha

Marsha - approx.12 years old | Tennessee Walking Horse

Meet Marsha!

Training Level: Halter

Adoption Fee: $800

Marsha is a mare that came to us as a transfer from Colorado Horse Rescue Network after being seized by law enforcement with multiple other horses.

She came to us unhandled and fearful of people and in need of some groceries and medical care due to being neglected. And yes, she is gaited!

Marsha has been aged at around 12 years old and was quite the protective momma when we got her, not wanting anything to do with people. She has since learned to be curious about them and although is still quite nervous, she can be caught and led around and is working on getting comfortable with her legs being touched so we can begin to pick up her feet. She has a lot of try but is still very fearful of people so is going to need someone patient and calm to help her continue to work through some of her fears and anxieties.

To help with her care and evaluation/training fees please donate here and specify "Marsha" in the comments.

*Adoption fee will increase with continued training*

If you're interested in adopting Marsha, please fill out our Adoption Application.

If you have any further questions, please get in touch with us using the button below.


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